Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sola Wood?

Sola wood comes from the stem of a flowering plant, native to Southeast Asia, called Aeschynomene Aspera. We know... that's quite a mouthful! Therefore, it is more commonly known as 'shola' or 'sola.' Because the shola plant is fast-growing in marshy areas, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource. Sola is one of the lightest woods in the world! If you've ever felt balsa wood, it is similar in weight and texture.

How is the wood made into flowers?

The stem of the plant is made into thin sheets, which are crafted into delicate flowers, each one made by hand. They can be made with and without the bark.

So... you make EACH flower by hand?!

I purchase the 'raw' handmade flowers from other women-owned small businesses within the United States. Each one comes to me in it's natural form, as a blank canvas for me to hand paint, arrange, and create unique pieces for you to enjoy forever. Similar to a painter purchasing paints and canvases, or a sculpter purchasing clay. The flowers are each hand-painted, stemmed individually, then used to make the beautiful designs you see. Each one is a unique piece of art.

How do I care for my flowers?

To best care for your flowers, choose a location to display them out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. While temporary sunlight will do no harm, color fading can occur with extended exposure. If needed, your flowers can be gently dusted with a microfiber cloth or soft paint brush.

Can I put my flowers outside?

Sola wood flowers make a beautiful alternative to fresh florals, especially for weddings! They can be used outdoors for events without wilting in the heat, and will stand up to the elements for your big day. However, moisture is not a friend to wood flowers. Because they are made from organic material, mold can grow in high humidity. Proper storage helps keep your sola wood flowers clean and in the best shape. To ensure longevity, be sure to keep your flowers in a dry, temperature-controlled environment. Keep this in mind when storing seasonal items, and consider storing those in a breathable container. While they may look beautiful on a front door or porch, it is not recommended to permanently display your flowers outdoors.

Why do my flowers have holes and knots?

Sola wood flowers are a natural product handcrafted from wood. Knots and veining sometimes occur on the petals. This adds to the beauty and realistic look of your flowers!

Can my flowers be scented?

Yes! Frangrance can be added to any sola wood flower arrangement using essential oils. Just place one or two drops on each flower, depending on strength of fragrance you desire. The scent will last several months, and which time you can always add more!

Do you do weddings?

Little Miss Delilah is currently booking weddings for all couples with wedding dates in 2024, local to the greater Philadelphia area. Contact us to set up a consultation so that we can make your floral vision come to life! We would be delighted and honored to be part of your big day.

Custom Orders

Custom order requests are always welcome! If you are looking for a specific color story, flower, or size for your arrangement, contact me to get the process started. I would love to bring your floral vision to life.